Our technical group is committed to provide the best professional service in installation, comissioning and upgrade in the satellite communication market. Service program design for flexibility is what we offer to the ever rapidly changing needs of satellite industry.

Key Features:
• Unparallel experience in satellite communication industry.
• Highly trained and fully qualified technical support engineers
• Dedicated team of project managers and coordinator.
• Extensive tools and measuring equipment resources
• Nationwide support and assistance.


1. Installation of Parabolic Dish Antenna




• Testing and commissioning

Installation of antenna hardware and subsytem including antenna controller and other ground communication equipment. Verification and validation through the cooperating earth station. Ensure that new system installed is in accordance with the standard required specification before the actual operation or transmission.

  • • Engineering and civil works implementation

    Layout and construction of antenna pad/foundation, anchor bolts layout, cable trench/tray, layout of coaxial and controller cables, waveguide run, electrical and grounding provision.Provide mechanical/ structural analysis.

  • • Project management and logistic support

    Provide assistance for shipment and warehouseing, daily progress report and program management from project start to completion.

  • • Technical assistance and training

    Provide technical support/assistance to the network systems operational needs and make necessary recommendations if the need warranted. Perform site survey and evalutaion like radio frequency test.






  • • Relocation Services
  • Dismantling, hauling, re-establishment and testing.

  • • Retrofit and Modification
  • System update or modification to upgrade system performance like retrofit of feed assembly for extended frequency capability.

  • • Refurbish and Rehab
  • Assesment and evaluation for older units. Renovation and rehabilitation to bring back in good condition of products or system.

  • • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Supply and propose necessary spare parts and offer corrective and preventive maintenance support.

  • • Re-evaluation and re-assessment
  • Check system performance and provide detailed assesment and recommendation.

  • • Dismantling Services



2. Installation and Commissioning of RF Equipment and Integration Materials


  • • RF Amplifier
  • • Modulator and demodulator
  • • Upconverter and downconverter.
  • • Equipment rack and cabling
  • • Waveguide, tollguide, switch, Coax
  • • Dehydrator
  • • Digital Tracking Revceiver
  • • Antenna Control Unit
  • • Uplink Power Control


All services available for any product or manufacturer.


System Design and Integration

  • Provide technical support/assistance in the preparation of link budget and transmission plan in the implementation of carrier activation of newly installed and/or relocated stations.
  • Provide assistance in the assessment of equipments reliability & availability and recommend and/or to device methods in improving the performance.
  • Provide technical support in the procurement and acquisition of equipment / materials, spare parts/components related to Video broadcast, RF uplink/downlink, test instruments and other relevant equipment requirements
  • Repairs and replacement shall be done based on Preventive Maintenance Instruction or Operations Shift order.
  • Conduct training and seminars for basic system operation, configuration and troubleshooting.

    Maintenance Support Services

    Preventive, Corrective and Emergency Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance shall be conducted only for the equipment requiring periodic maintenance to keep its proper performance and safety, or for the equipment of which preventive maintenance is legally obligated to the extent that assures the required system availability.
  • Activity includes inspection, testing, satisfactory execution of all diagnostics and necessary repair of the equipment.
  • Provide 24/7 technical support call assistance and emergency on-call services, including weekends and holidays.
  • Prepares completion report for every maintenance service done and prepares monthly RF equipment status and monthly accomplishment reports.
  • Nationwide support and assistance.


    We operate portable Satellite Uplink System in C-Band frequency in the Philippines. Available in fully redudant or stand alone configuration, also with dual path option. HD/SD encoders that are capable of 10bit or 8bit and 4:2:2/4:2:0 settings.

    Parabolic Dish / Flyaway

  • Suman 4.5 meter antenna
  • Suman 3.7 meter antenna
  • Suman 2.4 meter antenna
  • Prodelin 2.4 meter offset dish
  • Huaxin 1.8 meter flyaway
  • Channel Master 1.8 meter single piece antenna
  • RF Amplifier

  • Advantech 400W SSPB GaN Technology
  • Advantech 300W SSPB GaAs Technology
  • Advantech 200W SSPB GaN Technology
  • Modulator

  • Newtec AZ110 L-Band Modulator
  • Newtec M6100 L-Band Modulator
  • Radyne DM240XR Digital Modulator
  • Digital Encoder / Decoder

  • Ateme CM5000 HD/SD,10bit/8bit, 4:2:2/4:2:0, Mpeg2/Mpeg4
  • Ateme AM2102 HD/SD, 4:2:0, Mpeg2/Mpeg4
  • Harmonic Ellipse 3000 4:2:2/4:2:0, Mpeg2/Mpeg4
  • Ericsson AVP 3000 Voyager DSNG Encoder
  • Ateme DR5000 4:2:2/4:2:0, Mpeg2/Mpeg4
  • Harmonic Proview 7100 IRD
  • Professional IRD



    Monitoring Equipment

  • Tektronixs RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer
  • Agilent E4407B Spectrum Analyzer
  • Willtek 9102 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
  • SATLINK WS-6906 Digital Satellite Finder
  • SATLINK WS-6906 Digital Satellite Finder
  • Blackmagicdesign Smartview Duo SDI Monitor
  • Blackmagicdesign Audio Monitor
  • Blackmagicdesign VideoHub 12x12 Video Router
  • Blackmagicdesign Teranex2D Processor Format Converter
  • Accessories

  • Flexible Waveguide with quick release flange
  • Waveguide switch for redundant configuration
  • 500 meter and 250 meter 4 core Fiber optic cable
  • LYNXtechnic SDI to Fiber Converter
  • LYNXtechnic Fiber to SDI Converter
  • Blackmagicdesign SDI to Audio Mini Converter
  • Blackmagicdesign HDMI to SDI Mini Converter
  • ETL 2Port and 4Port Power Combier
  • ETL L-Band to Fiber Converter
  • ETL Fiber to L-Band Converter
  • Frequency Translator
  • Belden HD Video Coaxial Cable
  • SKB Portable and Rigid Transit Case
  • Power Generator

  • 60 KVA Generator Truck
  • 5.5 KVA Portable Generator